Oyster Research Station: "Baylander #21"

Baylander, West Harlem Piers Park, Hudson River

Manhattan, NY

Oyster Structure Name Baylander #21
Structure Type Oyster Research Station
Tag Number 21
Status Active
Organization Unaffiliated/None (Community Scientists)
Steward Megan Michitsch
Site Baylander, West Harlem Piers Park
Body of Water Hudson River
Latitude, Longitude 40.819091, -73.962223
Borough/City Manhattan
Registered On 09/01/2018
Notes These were the original oysters in ORS #20. In Janurary 2018 the original ORS #20 was crushed between the ice on the river and the Baylander. New oysters were placed in an updated ORS model at ORS#20 and the original oysters were moved to ORS #21.