Oyster Research Station: "Baylander IG 16 Original, Moved, Source of local spat"

Baylander, West Harlem Piers Park, Hudson River

Manhattan, NY

Oyster Structure Name Baylander IG 16 Original, Moved, Source of local spat
Structure Type Oyster Research Station
Tag Number 16
Status Active
Organization Unaffiliated/None (Community Scientists)
Steward Ira Gershenhorn
Site Baylander, West Harlem Piers Park
Body of Water Hudson River
Latitude, Longitude 40.819091, -73.962223
Borough/City Manhattan
Registered On 05/16/2017
Notes Shoreline type is Other because its hanging off the north side of the ramp from the gate to the Baylander. Shoreline type was Other because it was hanging off the cleat of the port side (north) of the Baylander which is docked permanently at West Harlem Piers. On Sept 24, 2017, after the Climate Week NYC baselining, the ORS was moved from the port side of the Baylander at Lat N 40.819249, Long W -73.962134 to the ramp near the gate at Lat N 40.81899769871512, Long W -73.9620852470398 These are the tags of ORSs on the Baylander. Ira Gershenhorn: 16 Cherise James: 18 Megan Ashley, Erica Azzaretto: 20 Hana Kahn: 21 Scott Koen: 109