Billion Oyster Project

Tour of Sherman Creek


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Science, Social Studies


Students will travel to and receive a tour of Sherman Creek led by the New York Restoration Project (NYRP).
On site students will hear about the work undertaken by NYRP to restore Sherman Creek Park and NYRP's vision for the construction of an oyster reef.
Back in the classroom NYRP (or the teacher) will present a brief recap of the tour and vision for the oyster reef and needs of Sherman Creek.


I can identify the benefits of an oyster reef at Sherman Creek.

Materials and Resources


  • Journal (field note book) or clipboard and paper
  • Camera (mobile phone)
  • Hand warmers (weather dependent)
  • Extra Jackets (weather dependent)
  • Projector/screen

Before you get started

Tips for Teachers

  • Teachers will need to travel with their students to Sherman Creek (or a local waterway). 
  • Students will need to have permission slips and adequate travel time needs to be factored in to get to the site
  • We prepped our expert with the learning objectives of the day and the time frame / length of tour.
  • We asked to view our expert slideshow prior to the classroom visit and supplemented this material with our own images/slides to ensure they captured and connected to our learning goals.


  • Be sure to contact NYRP or you local CBO to set up the tour date and time well in advance
  • Teachers should do a site visit (if possible) to help design the tour and specific objectives
  • Read up on the background/history of the local waterway you intend to explore

Instruction Plan


Sample agenda/flow for a full day of field work. Note, this could be broken up over a number of days

  1. 9:30 - Depart for Sherman Creek

  2. 10:15 - Sherman Creek Tour (20 minutes)

    1. Guiding Question - Why an oyster reef at Sherman Creek?

      1. History of Sherman Creek

        1. Problems

        2. NYRP solutions/ongoing work

      2. Vision for the future - Oyster reef 101 @Sherman Creek

        1. NYRP vision v. Community member (student vision)

  3. 10:35 - Student independent visioning activity

    1. What problems do I see?

    2. What would I want this space to look like for me?

    3. Students have time to sketch/take photos of the creek

  4. 11:00 - Return to WHEELS, short break (bathroom, etc.)

  5. 11:30 - NYRP presents...

    1. Tour recap - Visual examples of past problems

      1. Oyster potential

    2. Oyster reef model examples

    3. Broad Strokes of Oyster reef permitting process

      1. Orgs involved

      2. Troubleshooting ideas for building a reef.