The Dalton School

108 E. 89th Street, Science Department, New York, New York

Organization Name The Dalton School
Organization Type school
School Type private
Address 108 E. 89th Street, Science Department
Borough/City New York
State New York
Description From our website: The Dalton School is committed to providing an education of excellence that meets each student’s interests, abilities and needs within a common curricular framework and reflects and promotes an understanding of, and appreciation for, diversity in our community as an integral part of school life. Dalton challenges each student to develop intellectual independence, creativity and curiosity and a sense of responsibility toward others both within the School and in the community at large. Guided by the Dalton Plan, the School prepares students to “Go Forth Unafraid®.” As a progressive school guided by the Dalton Plan, we are an intentionally diverse community committed to a tradition of life-long learning and educational innovation. The following are major principles that inform the daily learning environment at Dalton: Valuing all dimensions of each child – intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic, physical and spiritual. Cultivating values of respect, integrity, compassion and justice to encourage community responsibility, combat prejudice and engage students as participants in a democratic society and global community. Developing intellectual independence and risk-taking through inquiry, direct experience and collaboration. Valuing all disciplines – the arts, sciences, humanities and physical development in an interdisciplinary curriculum, mindful of our historical emphasis on music, dance, theater and visual arts.