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Learn and practice restoration ecology in New York Harbor through the Billion Oyster Project Digital Platform!

How it works

We train educators and community scientists the basics of oyster monitoring. Then, we help participants install a small oyster cage, or Oyster Research Station (ORS), at a permitted site in New York Harbor. Participants monitor the oysters twice a year, and enter the data they collect on the BOP Digital Platform.

Students are at the center of our work- the core of our program is to engage educators and students in collecting oyster monitoring data as a part of the regular school day. We want these outdoor field experiences to spark students' curiosity and drive their interest in asking and answering their own original research questions about New York Harbor.

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We offer hands-on trainings, workshops, and special events throughout the year for educators and community scientists to build their knowledge of restoration science and inquiry-based curriculum. The first step is to attend one of our Oyster Research Trainings which are held regularly throughout the field season.

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help us collect

oyster monitoring data

Join the educators, students, and community scientists monitoring Oyster Research Stations (ORS) and Community Reefs and collecting data from across New York Harbor.

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our curriculum

Check out our STEM curriculum that links keystone species restoration in New York Harbor to teaching and learning in New York City Schools.

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Take a look at the user guide to better understand the BOP Digital Platform and how you can use it to make an impact.

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About Billion Oyster Project (BOP)

Billion Oyster Project's mission is to restore oyster reefs to New York Harbor through public education initiatives. Our vision is a future in which New York Harbor is the center of a rich, diverse, and abundant estuary. The communities that surround this complex ecosystem have helped construct it, and in return benefit from it, with endless opportunities for work, education, and recreation. The harbor is a world-class public space, well used and well cared for—our Commons.

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